Monday, 7 June 2010

granny along

My blogging continues on thanks mainly to the generosity, inspiration and encouragement of others for which I m so grateful. I am truly loving doing this and cannot wait daily to see who has visited and from where (Tel Aviv and Lebanon had me agog!! Welcome if that was you xx) You're  quiet bunch but I get that, I am too. I love to read the pictures but I also  am getting braver and have always been welcomed when I do say Hi. I am currently very inspired by attic 24’s use of colour and the very simple crochet techniques. I am trying to work with the cheery colours and make a granny stripe shawl

IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1435 IMG_1434IMG_1441

Here are my yarns and early efforts. I am trying to write the pattern if anyone is interested. I also am trying to   include a video of the ‘magic circle’ technique that I use to start the project. Not my invention you understand but once I learned it I use it all the time. I can’t decide whether its cool or belongs in the 70’s. Its fun though. I will beetle off and write the pattern. More photos as it grows


  1. Ooooh Louise,this all looks scrummy.Your yarn colours are lovely and they look great in that basket !!!
    Your shawl is so pretty,don't you just love the speed of this type of crochet !
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi Louise, I love it, such beautiful colours.


  3. Louise I love this! I hope you make up the pattern soon because this is something I would love to wear myself!

  4. Louise your shawl is gorgeous! I really love the colour choices - very original!!

  5. I am sure whoever wears this shawl will have a smile on their face.
    So retro its back to trendy ☺

  6. L O V E the colours of your new shawl! Can't wait to learn how to do the magic cirlce - I have seen it on patterns but can't figure it out. Would love to see the pattern for your shawl - love the granny style.

  7. hello Louise....LOVE your shawl it's beautiful and nope defintiely not grsnnified in the slightest. Looking forward to learning the magic circle, I've read about this but never managed to master can teach me!!
    Love to you
    ps your colours are divine too, yumyum xx

  8. Hi Louise, I found you via Lucy's blog - might have a go at this it's lovely x


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