Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Homes and gardens and down the lanes


A cottagy looking corner of Lou Lou land.



IMG_1582 Peas. (Ready to eat)

I’ve had a few (peas ladies now now)

Sneakily, standing between the rows pods an’ all.

IMG_1583 onion, beetroot, more peas and pumpkin.


Big onion!! They were a failure last year.


Pumpykins. Ooer.


My salad bowl. This lives on the deck for emergency salad situations.


Not elephants eye yet but this always does well.



Very Mr McGregor don’t you think?


Down the lanes:


Believe it or not this made me think of winter and snow. I know but its true. I've just unlatched the door so the giant preteen can get in (I know kind of me) This time during November and December I would also turn on the outdoor light and draw the curtain against the DARK Yep 4pm would be dark in the northern Hemisphere then. So  we all turn into sun worshipers at this time of year and often get burned, dehydrated or worse as we feel the need to soak up enough sun to “get us through” the dark days of winter. This, coupled with the failure of summer to show up at all in the last 3 years…. Well you catch my drift. How very British of me to go on about the weather!! Although bizarrely I met an Australian in the lane today, (I could tell he was Aussie before he spoke as he had a proper hat on) he said hello and commented on how lovely the weather  was.


Make the most of the sun if you have it and if you are having winter enjoy that too there is nothing nicer than snugging up with a blankie and a fire. Except the summer returning perhaps.




  1. I've just been reading an Australian blog (LadyHelsie's Happenings)where the big story is how cold it is -13 degrees apparently! Made me laugh. I suppose it all depends what you're used to.

    Sue x

  2. I know it is very hard to believe! Anyway I think you are doing pretty well with your veggie!
    The gardens have been so dry. We had rain yesterday quite a shower, but it was over so quick.
    Just watered my plants.
    Now the tea.
    Love to you,

  3. Thanks very much for the offer Louise, I'll keep that in mind.
    I hope you have a good evening.
    So close here today!
    Muggy weather.
    Love Suex

  4. Hi Louise,
    I'm loving the long sunny days too.Early mornings and the evenings are idillic.I try to avoid going out in the middle of the day,but I refuse to complain about the heat this year after such a terrible winter.
    Jacquie x

  5. Your vegetables are looking good Louise and I love the sunflower, so pretty!

  6. Wow! Your veggie patch is doing amazing! I wish I could say the same. It's been so hot here I can't seem to water the plants enough. Thankfully it's cooling down today.

  7. I love looking at your veges and summer shots! Its winter in NZ and pretty darn cold! But... I am relishing wearing all my knitted and crochet goodies I must admit. Have a lovely weekend!


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