Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Teaching rocks

I had a full day at the chalk face today. Honestly when I left my last job I was at such a low ebb and vowed never to return. Well a little nurturing and some positive feedback and I am feeling like my old teacher self. I taught a lovely bunch of y8 pupils all about rocks and weathering. Yep not so riveting but they seemed to learn something. However there is such a gap between how it was ok to teach in 1992 when I started and now. One thing that I might struggle with is the fact that they want less input from the teacher and make activities more pupil led. So I really need to shut up. Would that I could bloggy chums, would that I could!!!!!!!!!!




I took this on Monday as I sipped fizz in the sun, a little cool but bliss. The weather I mean, Fizz is always cool. Tomorrow returns me to home duties.

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  1. Hi Louise! Sorry I haven't been able to comment much lately, seems like the days get away from me. I do stop by for a read each day :-) Well I know I would be scared silly to go back in the classrooms these days, things have change so much since I was last in the classroom too. I am certain the children loved your lesson. Good luck with the post a day! I'll look forward to reading them.


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