Thursday, 6 May 2010

Life in the back lane

Our council is mending the road surface damage that we suffered from the horrendous snow that we had this winter and because of that I was forced to divert my usual route to the supermarket via a back road wide enough for only one vehicle. Boy am I glad I did! It was so peaceful and green and English country lovely.

. IMG_1216Blue bells come around the same time as the English Asparagus. These are by no means the most spectacular that I have seen, woodland can be carpeted in a rich blue. It can fair take your breath away!!!! These did make me stop the car and lean out of the window. (It was raining and I didn’t want to get wet)

I got a lovely parcel today. I am a little bit obsessed with EBay. I buy quite a bit from there as they always seem to have the things I need but can’t get locally. Mainly craft Items and they arrive so quickly. At the beginning of this Year I started a collection of Spode Christmas tree china. I don’t want a lot of it but it has a lovely vintage feel to it and reminds me of some chin my granny had.


Here is the collection so far. All very practical for Christmas entertaining. A cake plate for my Christmas cake. A mince pie plate nibbles and dip bowls, mug for hot chocolates and the gravy boat and stand that arrived this morning. I never spend more than £20 (including postage) Its so lovely and such a shame to think that the wonderful British company that made it no longer trades. I used to visit the factory shop in Stoke when we lived in the midlands. My mum has a fantastic collection of blue Italian. Most of the new stuff being made up until recently had been made abroad and was inferior in quality. Still we here that another British company has taken over and may start up production. Fingers crossed, I need a few more mugs!!!!!!!!!!


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