Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sweaty palms

Sweaty palms is the feeling I have when over excited about a project. That very feeling helped me through a days teaching at a very challenging school in Liverpool as I knew that I would soon be home to the sewing shop in the village (I know paradise why did we ever leave?) where I could get some threads for this tiny little project.


Let me tell you I ate that project alive and its been one of my dear faves ever since. Well I feel like that anew. For some time I have envied the lovely Lucy’s ability to put colour together and make a vibrant project. Most of my projects have been muted or a limited palate.


I also tend to use acrylic yarn (de rigueur it seems) Face bovvered. So I have ordered some of the cotton yarn that Lucy mentions in one of her recent blogs. The shop has been inundated however and it may be some time before I get my new stash.

What to do with it? Well I have been making several shawls recently and been very pleased with the results so I thought that I might have a go and make myself a colourful wrap up for nippy nights when we barbe or watch the sun go down. Plus I am blanket bound here so something new maybe.Now I m very taken with the New granny and her new found cool so I thought that I could have a go.


I am tinkering with a pattern (not tried that before) which of course I will share both here and Ravelry.

Finally look out for me here as I will be team blogging at the end of the week.


  1. Hello Louise,
    I just love the ripple, I've done four so far, and they are so...addictive.
    Simply gorgeous work!
    Hugs to you Suex

  2. Louise Hi!
    Thanks so much for your wonderful post on SIBOL. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you writing a post. Please pop over and leave a post whenever you want even if its 'your thoughts'.
    Have a good day!
    Hugs to you and many thanks.
    I've left a comment over there for you to see!

  3. Hi Louise,so great to find your blog.Thankyou for the very touching comment you left on mine.It must have been so hard when you lost a twin,but as you say ,a positive life.
    I love the things you've made especially the hexagon blanket and granny square bag.I might have to borrow this idea !hope you don't mind.
    I use acrylic yarn most of the time.Some of it can be a bit scratchy but I think most is fine.
    Nice to try cotton for a change.
    I'll be back to visit you again soon
    Jacquie x

  4. Hello Louise,
    Just to say your beautiful Squares have arrived and I have now done the Slide Shows for you one on SIBOl and the other on Mrs. Twins.
    have a good day and many thanks
    Love Suex

  5. Love the idea of a shawl, I too am quite blanket bound, yet I can't seem to stop crocheting. I use acrylic yarn most of the time too, nothing else really available where I live and its about what I can afford :-). I do find however if I put my completed item through the washing machine with double the amount of fabric softner and then the dryer with double the dryer softner sheets it does come out very soft.
    Have a great weekend.


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