Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have to say that the inspiration for this blog entry has been shamelessly lifted from another. Namely Lucy. She’s a super young woman with many a talent that I suspect does not stop with her craft abilities.  Her blog this week featured some cracking cross stitch and I thought I might emulate this. Honestly I am so new to this that I really need all the help I can get. I didn’t go to art to art college nor am I a goddess of the vintage (sense my envy much?) They say that copying is the most sincerest form of flattery so I hope no one minds.

IMG_1233IMG_1234 IMG_1235

I did these when we lived in Southport. I went to embroidery classes every week and I was never so happy. Nothing like that here sadly. The cross stitch was done mainly at home. Embroiderers can be a bit sniffy when it comes to cross stitch but I love it. I have to limit myself to small projects mind as I am not a good finisher and have many lovely items in limbo upstairs (there's a blog post if ever I saw one). One of which I started to celebrate the birth of my sons (another story) Thomas is 12 now and the cross stitch? unfinished………


The embroideries were done in the class. I had goooood teachers (all called Jean) hope you like. These are stump work and gold work.

IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1238

You notice how they are all framed. Well blood sweat and tears went into them. The framing is all wrong, it never seemed to work out right even though they all cost in the region of £60 ( I was working then so thought it ok)


I finished the return to teaching course today and I sometimes think I could even go back to school and do it. Time will tell. No doubt you will know about it.


  1. I cant seem to post a comment - the alignment seems to be outThere seems to be something wrong with your comments box Louise. I hope you get this through ok - I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning me on your blog - Your cross stitch and embroidery look great and very complicated! I have been typing this where I cant see what I am putting - so hope it has come out ok.
    Lucy xx

  2. I wonder what was up I cant see a problem my end but tell me if anyone else has a problem like Lucy. Louise

  3. Lovely cross stitch and embroidery. I love cross stitch and have loads of unframed and of course unfinished projects!! Perhaps I can kick this knitting habit (the warren is growing)I might have another go at cross stitch. Have a lovely weekend!
    PS - you asked about my teacher career, short lived I am afraid, but it was primary school (lower grades) before I jet setted off to the USA.

  4. Your work is gorgeous Louise,
    a very nice post.
    I have only done very small cross stitches definitely no patience for it.
    I love the little bag you have over to the right, and I'm pleased to see you do your Ta - Dah's on a bench like I do!
    Hugs and thanks for stopping by.
    Love Suex

  5. I wonder what was up I cant see a problem my end but tell me if anyone else has a problem like Lucy. Louise


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