Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday, plants and Aston Martins.

I met up with Mum and Dad this morning at a plant Fair at Newby Hall. We’ve been before and it was great. Here are some of my haul.


   A weeping Beech which is pinkie red with a pale pink edge. It sounded intriguing so we both had one.


Next there was a lady selling Heuchera and I love them so I bought 2. They go well at the front of the border.


I also bought some shrubs as I made a new boarder last year and it is a bit bald in the winter months. I joked that I had DH and DS with me to carry the plants, which they did!!! And no moaning was made as there was also a fancy car show on at the same time and an Aston Martin made the day not a total write off for the boys.



Of course Mum never turns up empty handed especially at this time of year

.IMG_1226Here we have leek, tomato and corn. They will stay inside for a wee while longer. (I expect frost tonight) Of course I have to put them all in now along with the other few thousand jobs that need doing.

I have not managed to blog every day. As I took a picture of what I was cooking for tea I asked myself ‘is this the best you can do Lou?’ So I decided to spare you that the high point of my day was sausage and mash. I have to say that I have had more visits this week and I think it must be because of the experiment. My highest hits for the day was yesterday with 57.I don’t think I could do every day but I do try for maybe twice a week. I have learned that I am a scientist and not a literary person and that if I have nothing to say then shut up Louise!!!


Ps if you have visited, Thank you friends. Your kindness touches me daily. I really don’t mind if you don’t feel like commenting as I don’t do much of it myself, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all. You visit, I hope you like and if you ever feel brave enough to say hi then so will I. Cheerio chums, enjoy the rest of Sunday.

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  1. Those Heuchera are so cheerful! Good luck with your vegetable gardening.
    We are still waiting for an allotment (16th on the list)- our garden is too small and shaded to grow anything like veg and then there are the dogs tampling everything!
    Lucy xx


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