Thursday, 15 September 2011

We plough the fields and scatter……


Chutney week has now drawn to a close. I am now asking permission to go and scrump as well as offering to pick for wronged neighbours and giving jars of “I’m sorry” chutney. Karma restored? I do hope so.

I have added ketchup to the list of preserved items after I picked what must be the last of the tomatoes. I cut them in half and marinated them overnight in balsamic vinegar and oil along with thyme and tarragon s&p. I then slow roasted them for 2 hours in my fan oven at 120. I then ate some smooshed on lovely bread for lunch. There are no photos as I fell on it like a woman possessed. This might work with out of season tomatoes and make them taste better. (not the nasty pappy pink ones that you get in pubs as a garnish that are never EVEN DRESSED!!!!!!!!!!) Sorry, pet hate of mine. Undressed salad, even if it is only a garnish, is unforgivably sloppy and very probably the cause of tonnes of food waste. Well would you eat it? Me neither. Woo, went off on one there. I’m going to give it some thought and do an entire post about pet hates. I have a birthday coming up and as the years go by I feel the grumpy woman catching up with me and like nothing better than a good moan from time to time. Not all the time I’m mostly sunny really.

So, no more chutney, we move on now to crab apple jelly of the mint and chilli varieties so watch this space.


  1. Chutney week looks like it was a great success, I would be feeling very proud if I had that collection of lovliness...(glad you fessed up and sorted out your karma). Also moan makes me laugh!

  2. I read your post title and was instantly taken back to school and started singing. And guess what? I could only remember the first three lines!! Stroll on Christmas when I can sing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem like we did at school. Let's just say it wasn't the original version! ;)

  3. Oh your chutney looks delicious again this year. We've had a terrible year with the garden, so I don't think I'll be making any this year. Everyone needs a good moan now and then, we all do it - good therapy I say!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Fabulous Chutney's and a fabulous square i've just posted on Sibol :) Thank you my lovely xxxx

  5. Your "I'm sorry" chutney made me laugh! Wish I could be your neighbor. Oh, and please post your "pet hate" list soon, just think how we love to moan (especially me). Hey, do you know
    what the grapes said when they got stomped on?
    They said nothing, they just let out a little whine (wine). Get it? Well, it's better when you read it aloud off a Christmas cracker paper and you've had a few...

  6. Wow Louise, It all looks delicious and lots of work! Maybe one day our newly planted fruit trees on the allotment will give us enough fruit to make chutney!
    Lucy xx


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