Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sharpen your hooks! Ponchos are IN.

While shopping in town today I have seen ponchos on sale in at least 2 different retailers. Why am I excited about this? Well as a woman in posession of a large stash of yarn and in need of a new project what could be better?

I was given my first poncho in 1973 (hand crocheted by my Grandma) and I am fairly sure I was still wearing it in 1976 with my hot pants whilst toting my clackers. My hot pants cut me in half but my faithful poncho kept me warm as toast and was amazingly resilient when I was car sick on it.

I remember making myself a grown up one when Martha Stewart (whoever she was) left prison wearing one. I wore it as  Spring outerwear and felt like a proper Charlie. Oh my goodness how embarrassing. Still I think the young people may look ok in them. There are so many lovely ones on Rav.

I like this one very much, the construction is simple yet has impact. Granny stripes would work well too I think.


This is my effort, now consigned to the “what was I thinking” file.

Oh dear maybe not then.


  1. You can't beat a good Poncho! Mine was a poncho with Pom poms. Although I have not owned one for about thirty five years. I like yours! I also love the striped one.

  2. I made a purple poncho last year and I wore it once. A definite what was I thinking moment for me! I'm also liking your hair longer - it looks lovely!!

  3. Wow! Amazing Louise! Well done.
    Hugs Suex
    Yes I've noticed too! x

  4. Mum made myself and my sister ponchos..think it would have been 1970. Then a few years back I made a poncho/cape from fleece. Extremely easy to make, and when worn over a coat in Winter keeps you warm as toast.

  5. Oh my I've just got back from the shops and read you post and thought "has she been shopping where I shop?". Ponchos are EVERYWHERE here too!!!!! I still recall my purple and pink nasty acrylic poncho I wore to death in the '70s. It had pompoms and tassles and my little sister had a matching. I clearly remember wearing it with my flares and stripped socks. What a sight! Glad to hear I wasn't alone. Love your effort, I think it looks really nice.

  6. Oh Louise you did make me laugh! I don't remember having a poncho but I can't remember much of my child hood clothes anyway. I have recently come to suspect though that it may be a self defence mechanism of my brain to protect me of the full horror of my 70's wardrobe...
    I am very impressed though at your super speedy pocho creating skills.

  7. Er - sorry "of" should have been "from"!

  8. I remember when Poncho's were all the rage in the 70's I think it was. I wore it to death! I think I had a cape too (cringe). I love the one you made Louise!

  9. I just made a poncho last summer. Of course, it was in honor of our Peace, Love, Cure Relay For Life Woodstock themed Hippie fest. :D It was all shades of purples and pinks and craziness and had big pom-poms, too. It was quite groovy. Maybe if they're coming into rage, I'll be able to sell it?!

    (Love your Ugly Betty photo. She's a fave!)

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