Monday, 12 September 2011

Bad wind

Woo that got your attention! Truth is I find myself in the tail end of a one time hurricane. I felt the need for distraction from what's going on outside. So here I am!!

Firstly can I say a huge thank you to all those who comment or read. I am always amazed by the generosity of bloggers. Free knitting advice, inspiration and encouragement with the running, heaps of delicious food, someone even liked my hair. Cue Snoopy style skippy dance

I say blogging is distracting me from the weather but fact is the kitchen is distracting me from that.

Today I am dealing with windfall pears, tomato and chilli's.


Chilli Jam, quite pokey.


Pear and walnut chutney

Its all leading to a life of crime however as I needed 8 oz of cooking apple that I didn’t have but that my neighbour who is on hols does have. Yes friend I’ve been scrumping.

I now need to get rid of some of my preserves as I am drowning in them. I love making it (eating it too) but there is only so much a girl can get through.


  1. Happy Days! Free food is the best isn't it...I hope your neighbour doesn't read your blog :)x

  2. Love the look of those preserves!

    Well, it would have been a crime to let those apples go to waste wouldnt it?!

    Hope the wind has eased;)


  3. Yay for scrumping!

    Do you know I was just thinking today to myself in the car as to how your running was going! I was stuck in traffic and a runner went by - that's what made me think of it. Honest, I'm not some weirdo psychostalker or owt like that - it just made me think of the running for some reason. :)

  4. The last time I went scrumping (for Damsons) I slipped on a wet fence and did myself a mischief. I took it as Karma and have not been scrumping for years! Beware!!! Your preserves sound delicious...perhaps you should confess to the neighbour and offer them a jar of chutney!?!

  5. Oh my I was laughing when I saw the title for your post! I hope the winds have died down and you are safe. You're preserves sound delicious. We've just bought our first apple tree and can't wait for next Autumn to have fruit. Thanks for your adivce on knitting. I still can't figure out how you stick the needle under your arm.

  6. Gosh that Jam looks lovely and I think Snoopy is adorable :)

  7. It was flaming windy round our neck of the woods too. I was glad I wasn't still teaching as I remember how a windy day would send the kids yampy. Yampy - Black country dialect for 'a bit mad'.


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