Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dear “the Spanish”,

This week when I took the dog to have her ear stitched, (yep it was a bad weekend at Howe towers) I wore socks inside my shoes and a cardie as befits this time of year. Yesterday I was back in shorts and flip-flops. Thank you, thank you for sharing your weather with us. It is such a treat to be out in the warm sun. I do hope you have not left yourselves short and that you have enough sunshine left to ripen those oranges that keep me going through the winter.
OK so the sun has caused fog to form in the mornings and yes my hair does look like Crystaltips after the morning walk, and yes I had hoped not to have to paint my toenails or shave my legs until the festive season, but hey.
This is Crystaltips for all of you who aren’t british or over40
Perhaps we could make this a regular thing. Like when we have had snow since October (as I believe we are due) and February and 2 burst pipes comes around and It has been dark for 17 hours every day. Perhaps I could give you a call and you could arrange our weather systems into an optimal channelling arrangement? Could I also book 2 weeks at the end of July/ start of August? Its my wedding anniversary you see and I fancy a barbecue.
There will be some who complain and say that it is too hot but I urge you to take no notice, they WILL get used to it.
Well its lovely to chat but I must get out in the garden and build up the vitamin D stores before the big freeze. Thank you once again, I very much look forward to working with you again in this matter.
Your friend


  1. Ha ha Louise... brilliant! My hubby is working in Madrid at the moment and keeps Skyping me from a very warm balcony.. today I am going to Skype him from a sun-lounger in the back garden! BTW: Glad to know that there are 2 of us who bear a scary likeness to Crystaltips.. your hair looks straight in your photo though..mine is permanently Crystalish :)x

  2. Aaaah - Crystal Tips and Alistair. I actually went out and bought that on DVD for my youngest (who will be 11 on Saturday) when she was young. Why don't they make children's programmes like they used to? They were so much better than the crap that gets watched these days.

    I wish I were younger again now :(

  3. Stocki, the power of the blow drier and the flattening wand only work for so long in fog. Its scraped up in a pony now. Friz looks so much better in pink dont yu think?

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  5. My pleasure. Greetings from (very hot for this time of the year) Barcelona.

  6. Glad to hear you're having some lovely weather! I'm enjoying the chill in the air here are a long hot summer.
    take care,
    P.S. Blogger has given me grief the last couple of days trying to post this comment.


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