Friday, 29 July 2011


Yep that's me. I have not given much thought to the art of blogging recently. I worried that I was getting all samey. Anyhoo I thought I’d drop by and do a catch up.

On the odd fine day we have been out and about. We went to Brimham rocks, just the other side of Harrogate. Have any of you been there? It was busy with all sorts of people we even came across a Goth wedding in the open-air.


It was a fantastic place to take a teen who is now too old for so many activities that he loved. Can’t think why we haven’t been before and will definitely be going back again.


On the hooky front I have been in one of my creative black holes. Well until this arrived from the US.


Fantastic or what!!! Well I just had to make something, its so soft and the colours are so yummy.

So, buoyed up by my cabling efforts I had a go at making this.

Big mistake, HUGE!! I got into such a pickle, It was awful. I made so many mistakes and had no idea how to put them right so I frogged the beggar and decided to stick to what I know.


Its a neck warmer. Not too bulky but cosy. I love the pattern, its quite like a knitted cable I think.


If you fancy a crack at it I found it on Ravelry here but I won’t lie to you I found it hard to start with and seriously rewrote the pattern but once I got away with it it flew. I think that they are going to be very on trend this winter.

I am off to relax a bit as its been eventful to say the least and has involved mousetraps and cheese. I am going to an important wedding anniversary party on Sunday with family from all over the place so I need to paint my fingers to match my toes.

Have a lovely weekend dear friends.



  1. It's finding the right person/ or placxe/ or book to learn a new craft.
    I couldn't get the hang of knitting, no matter who showed me, until Grandma sat down and showed me. And Mum learnt t crochet from a book. Think it was a basic Sirdar one from the early 70s.
    I found out since why I had trouble learning to knit, I knit right handed in a left handed fashion. I also do this when embroidering. Most people/books etc show the true right handed method of knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc. If you are left handed, or you brain is telling your hands to be, despite the fact you would class yourself as right handed, that is when problems creep in.

  2. Wow! The neck warmer looks fantastic. I never could have knitted the cable one, I just can't get beyond the basic purl and knit stitches. So glad you love the yarn and can't wait to see what else you make. I've almost finished my project with the lovely yarn you sent me. Don't worry, you've not been blacklisted with the Mr. He's just told me to please wait till I'm done with my current project. I have to say the whole family seems to be enjoying our swaps just as much as we are! They love seeing the goodies you send.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. I love your neck warmer - it really looks like it is knitted! I actually managed to finish a knitted project today and am chuffed to bits that I have finally conquered the knitting. I love the red neck warmer too - I'd love to have a go at that one day!

    BTW - it's lovely to see you back. :) xx

  4. loving your neck warmer my lovely xxx

  5. I much prefer the pattern on your neck warmer. You have done a lovely job. I have never found your blog 'samey' I love popping over when you have a new post. As I blog on, I reflect on 'who' I am writing for. I do it mostly for me, if anyone likes what I write it is a bonus. It is like anything we enjoy, craft, blogging, gardening etc they should be for pleasure and not a chore. I am glad you are having a lovely Summer so far not everyone gets to see a 'Goth Wedding' in the open! It looks like another sunny weekend here :)

  6. I haven't been to Brimham Rocks although I feel that I should have as I don't live too far away from them !! Love your neck warmer, it's a really nice colour.
    Lucy xx

  7. I've just froggeed a scarf! Yes I do do other things apart from make blankets. But scarves dont like me. so on the 'last' row, the last I tell you I frogged it. I'm happy with the new but of course it's made me behind now. Been wondering about you. Quiet Louise, but it's holidays so enjoy yourself!
    Hugs suex


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