Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Living off the fat

First pickings this week
I have not grown land cress before and discovered a mountain of it. I read that it is very like water cress so I made soup.
Or is that  “purest green” that I have made?
Feta on top. I only had a few peas that day but I could tell that I will be inundated in a few days time. Now, I can happily make myself ill just eating the little beggars off the plants but some say I should share. So! what are your fave pea recipes.
I have been picking strawberries in the rain this morning and as I type I am listening to the sound of lids pinging as the jam I made cools. Its impossibly easy to make, I cant think why I’ve not done it before. I am not a huge fan of jam but I have just forced some down on a fruit scone. No, I make the jam for my lad who still, (he’s13) likes jam and cheese sandwiches. I only allow them on a Friday (for Gods sake woman) Yes Friday is a jam day so we don't use much and now (sorry Tiptree) we buy none but thanks for the free jars.


  1. I love homemade jam and yours looks delicious.

  2. You are doing great, lovely spuds, peas, strawbs and I love American land cress. I just had a few homegrown peas tonight with pasta, left over Gammon (finely diced) and mayo stirred in, sounds weird but it was lovely cold with pizza. I also love pea and ham pasties. Just seasoned cubed ham with lovely peas in a pasty, sounds simple but tastes so good. I don't like sharing peas either! :)

  3. My poor peas aren't making it to the dinner table either! Big J's been gobbling them down before they even leave the garden. But I can't blame him, they're delicious! Well done on your crop, looks fabulous.

  4. Louise clever you! Those strawberries look delicious!
    OOh some jam and crusty bread. Shame I'm on my food plan.
    Hugs Suex

  5. Your jam looks delicious! We don't have enough Strawberries to make jam.. and I eat them straight away anyway! My Chilli plants are beginning to pick up a bit. We just need a little more sun!
    Lucy xx


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