Monday, 5 April 2010




Well I hope that you are all enjoying Easter as we have in the Lally house. We have had Grandma and Gramps to stay and a huge turkey, lots of chocolate and a bloodbath!!! Got your attention? Yep DH has sliced his thumb while in the noble pursuit of making stock from the turkey carcass. We waste nothing here and will enjoy wholesome soup to cancel out all the chocolate that I have consumed.Having just redressed said thumb we are in two minds weather to go to casualty or not.

Needless to say not much craft has happened, unless you count the Easter decs.


Other big, nay huge news from the Lall house is that Doctor who was on Saturday with an all new face. I can confirm that it went down very well with the Who expert and has been enjoyed 7 times on the iPlayer and once on bbc3!!!!!! All life, family and food was stopped (and told to be quiet) until it was over. A new Who is such a big moment in the life of a young person. I remember well the time that doc 3 turned into doc 4!! Anyway chaps keep eating the chocs and enjoy the bank holiday weather (not).


  1. Crumbs sounds like you have had a very eventful time!Hope DH's thumb is o.k!We all, well except for hubby, sat at the edges of our seats admittedly not 8 times though,lol,watching the new Doctor,by the 2nd viewing we had warmed to him,it made my weekend:)I love all the bright colours around at Easter,we attempted an Easter egg hunt but tiny Angel didn't quite understand that there was more than one little chocolate bunny in the garden and that she didn't have to eat them all at once!Your cakes look yummy,beckyxx

  2. Glad that you have had a nice Easter weekend (except for the finger!)
    Happy Easter.
    Lucy xx

  3. The new Doctor has met with all round approval in this house too, although I did love DT.

    Hope the thumb is healing!

    Sue x


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