Friday, 30 April 2010

April montage

It is a scary thought to think that we are almost in May for goodness sake!!!! Where has the year gone? What do I have to show for the past 4 months? Well The blog for one. I am very encouraged by my new friends to continue. Thank you all I love to se that you have visited and some of you even leave me a comment or two. I have changed the layout a bit and now there are several pages to look at so do check them out if you are passing. The idea came from Sue and she kindly let me to show my sincere flattery in allowing me to copy her ideas. Cheers Sue!!

I think that they are shaping up nicely as a calendar. My crafty friend Sara bought me a blank calendar for crimbo and I am so full of ideas but short on time but I think that this is an excellent start.
I have a new project on the hook at the moment which brings my grand total of ufos to umptymillion. Yes I know I am bad and that I should finish something but its not my fault, I may have a syndrome or something. I think we may need to have a benefit concert for me……… Ahem meltdown averted. A sneaky peak of said new project can be seen in the April mosaic. See if you can spot it.
Anyway am off to bring cake to a poorly neighbour. Cake is a universal cure for whatever so I prescribe it whenever I can. Take care friends, we are on a bank holiday here in the UK which means Monday is a play day. Yeeeehaaarr. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do.xx


  1. Love your montage and looking forward to seeing your new project!
    Happy bank holiday!
    Lucy xx


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