Thursday, 22 April 2010


We are having a mad time of it this week and there seems to be no let up. I have been full on at my return to teaching course in Leeds and at my placement school. Today has been my first at home day. So what have I been up to? Well a dear friend is unwell and celebrating her birthday tomorrow so I made a few of these
  cakes and candles      cupcake
All pink and girly. Hope she likes them. I have also made this small token to house a lip balm. As always from ravelry and for free no less. I urge my hooky chums to have a go as they make in seconds and are useful as they can be made to attach to a key ring. Here is the link
lippy holder
The DH is also birthdaying on Saturday and I have been promised a closed kitchen with lots of eating out. Can’t wait. I will let you know how it goes. Thomas is off tomorrow on a training day (I know he only got back on Monday) so we are off getting secret things.
I may well join you briefly tomorrow as its St Georges day and we like to get flaggy here in Lou land. Can I leave you with this? Not a summer but the hope of one.
first swallow
Edited to say:
BTW I am always on the look out for crochet gift ideas for the men in my life. What ides do you have? Please share them you clever bunch. xxLLL


  1. Love the lip balm holder wow what a great idea,what about a sun cream one my son uses the sticks and that would be fab a market there I think,wish I could crochet,my friend did try to teach me! beckyx

  2. I love those super pink cakes and the lip balm holder! If I see anything good to crochet for men, I will let you know. We haven't seen any Swallows yet, not even our usual House Martins!
    Lucy xx


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