Thursday, 21 June 2012

Olympic torch relay runs into town


I was standing at the very beginning of the route so it was quiet.

IMG_2058 - Copy

I even peeked inside the bus at the rack of torches


Here are all the runners, ready for their 300m section


I was also showing my support for this lady who is in my Pilates class.


She really does smile like that all the time. Such a positive woman despite a few tricky life occurances


There she goes!


It got busier further down the road, my son was standing

right at the top of this picture, every school in town was out there, it was amazing.


Am reeeeally going to try to blog more, I’m not THAT boring hones, some things do happen and I have been making stuff too.


  1. We are waiting until July the 1st for the torch in our town! I hope it is not too much of an anti-climax...I could jog for 60 seconds with it myself now! Not exactly Olympic proportions but I am off the couch! :) x

  2. Wow! That's pretty cool. I always thought there was just one torch, looks like I was a bit off on that line of thinking. I wonder how many there really are and how many town's they pass through? I'd love to see it, not sure I could run with it for 300m, perhaps a brisk walk? I really need to put the knitting down and get off the couch!
    Take care, Louise
    P.S. Nice to see you back at the blog :-)

  3. My son saw the torch (and its runner of course!) passing through Beverley the other day. Looks like you are having better Yorkshire weather than us.

  4. @ Louise, I think everyone of the 8000 torch bearers gets to keep their torch and track suit.


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