Friday, 29 June 2012

Jubi - late

Can I be the last to wish you all a happy Diamond Jubilee? Ahem. To me the spirit of the Jubilee is continuing for the rest of the year because of all the other celebrations that there are going on. Going to watch the Olympics, Dads big birthday getting together with far flung family (my particular fave) So that's my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I decorated the house, a lot of it was what I had leftover from the Royal wedding last year so I’ll not bore you with that but I did make some fireplace bunting based on the Easter bunting that Sandra made at Cherry heart.


          IMG_2085IMG_2087IMG_2088 IMG_2089


Other than that I had a very exciting time when the torch bearer lady brought her torch to Pilates and……..IMG_2083

It was so lovely but sadly I look huge. I wouldn’t care I've lost way over a stone recently too. On a positive note my hair was behaving. I am told that they all were allowed to keep their torches and uniform for £200 quid which is not bad as they are selling for about 3 grand on Ebay. Not judging, that's a big lot of cash.

I am also in a good mood because someone who seems to know all about it has left me a message on my Inside crochet post saying that its going in and that I should keep my eyes peeled. Woo hoo. I do hope I’m not in bother for spilling the beans. I really did think that was it for the Magazine but I was told earlier that it was taken over by a new publisher. I’m so pleased.

A great weekend to you all I will be knitting bunting, how about you ?


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