Thursday, 20 January 2011

For the love of pie




For a change from the usual roast Sunday dinner I decided to make pie. Primarily because my meat and tatties son will eat AND enjoy it. But its cheap and delish too. I (of course) learned to make it from my Mum as a child.


Careful caramelisation of the meat is essential for a rich brown colour.


Then onions are browned in the meaty pan.


Naturally I can do nothing kitchenwise without my constant friend. On hand in case anything gets loose.


Old speckled hen ale to scrape up the meaty bottom of the pan. I used half a can and topped up with homemade chicken stock. My husband uses all ale. The meat was dusted in flour before I started which acts as a thickening agent.


At this stage it went into the oven for 3 hours at 130 degrees. After that a shop bought puffed pastry lid went on and It cooked for maybe half an hour. I don’t remember exactly. I egg washed the top for a lovely golden colour. We had this with  Swede and carrot mash, roasty taties and Towering Yorkshire puddings, made by a genuine Yorkshire man. Mmmmm bliss. The Yorkshire man washed up too




  1. This looks amazing! Great job! Now I'm hungry and must go eat something. Lol!

  2. I read your 'pie post' this morning while I was at work and have been starving ever since! OH YUM, that looks like the most delicious pie. Did I tell you I miss a good meat pie as much as I miss sausage rolls? I must try and make one of these. The store bought puff pastry here isn't quite the same as it is back in Aus., but I will try anyway and use your recipe!
    YUM! Thanks for sharing.

  3. OOH Louise one word 'yummy!'
    Have a good weekend, Love Suex


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