Tuesday, 31 August 2010


As promised I am showing the results of our Art homework that was set for Thomas over the summer hols. I cant tell you how much “research” and hard work went into it. The original brief was to  construct a sculpture fro any materials he liked of an item of food. Thomas decided that he would like to make an ice-cream

.IMG_1766Not one on a stick



One in a cone


As you can see the research was thorough and at times tiring but we carried on.


This is what we came up with. T’s in card and paper, mine stitched.


Note the chocolate flake. Nice one Tommy, quite yummy.

IMG_0048 IMG_0040

All my efforts would not be complete without glitter and I have a thing for cherries at the moment.


Homework was never so fun. Thanks teacher!!


  1. Those ice creams are fabulous! What a good idea to make the cone from corduroy material and the felt cherry with the dripping glitter is just great!
    Both cones look good enough to eat!
    Lucy xxx

  2. OOh now I know the story to these icecreams after seeing them on Flickr!
    I know I spent hours with my girls making castles and whatever!
    Great fun. I wish those days were back again!
    Lovely ideas.
    Love Suex

  3. I love both ice creams! I can certainly empathise with the hard work that must have gone into the research for this project. Well done both of you for seeing it through to the end!


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