Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Chilli Post (one of the ones I tried to post while on holiday)

Now I am not a fan of spicy food. (Audible gasp from readers) I do however have  thing for the fiery little devils and this year grew some plants.IMG_1079IMG_1699 Now that they are going red I think that they look like Christmas tree lights. They are so pretty. Well you may be asking, what will I do with them all given my wimpy taste buds. Well I have high hopes of drying them into a garland which will “look good” in the kitchen.IMG_1698

I already have these……IMG_1077

I do like to eat chilli however, this is my fave recipe.I used braising steak and cooked it for 3 hours @ 130oC Yummy it’s more fragrant than hot.  IMG_1081chilli con carneIMG_1083

Anyway here is the beast at the start of cooking along with the recipe. Well Yesterday I harvested my festive chillies and tasted one to see if it was ok. First lick was ok ,tentative nibble revealed sweetness, cocky bite nearly blew my head off. Oh dear. Anyway the garland looks pretty in the kitchen.IMG_0001


  1. Sounds like your garden has done wonderful this year. I'm not keen on hot food either, but I do like a good mild chilli so I'll have to give your recipe suggestion a go. The chilli garland looks amazing! How did you dry the chillis?
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Love your chillies! It makes me want to grow some next spring! Did you grow them indoors? Will they grow outside in a warm summer? When did you first plant the seeds? Your garland looks great! I think I would like the chilli dish without the beans though!!?? (I don't like beans too much!)
    Lucy xx


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