Thursday, 7 October 2010

For you Louise

You may remember that some time ago on a trip into York discovered a lady who had the idea to encourage as many people as possible to make scarves to be auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer care. Well my excellent and ultimately talented friend Louise volunteered to have a go with me. I have just returned home from a somewhat manic trip back to York to hand them over. This is their journey.

sorry I cant rotate it!!!!


Arrived Tuesday Lunch time.


Nicely wrapped and a pressie for me!!!



Had a little rest


Into the car Thursday morning, safety first.


This is Monk bar, imagine it years ago with severed heads on pikes. There are many of these around the walls.

 IMG_0270 Here are the walls. I am showing you them because the original challenge was to make enough scarves to go around the walls.


I doubt that they would actually lay them out on the walls but I wanted ours to have a photo shoot on them. The photo is pants but I had to do it quick to avoid being seen  and pronounced a nutter!!!


Off into town (nearly there)


   This is a very famous street (not a commentary on my life)


It is said that it is possible to shake hands across the street from the upstairs windows. It is also home of…….



Here they are !!  Also pants photo but by now I was very aware of  how nerdy I was being. A lady came in and just handed over her scarves without a word. I however insisted in taking photos and generally making a spectacle. Hey who cares!!


They said that they have hundreds and here are a few. The shop owner loved them.

I am going to keep in touch with the organiser and see what happens.


So, Louise what do you think? Are you pleased? What a lovely challenge  and such fun.  

My lovely neighbour has made me a birthday cake so I am going to have a bit now. Happy Thursday


  1. Birthday? Hope it's a happy one xxxx :) (Have an extra piece for me!! ;) )

  2. BEST POST EVER! Made me cry and laugh all in one post. Thank you so much for such a lovely post. I was in quite a rush this morning to log on and see if your post was here. Very exciting to see my scarf and your scarf side by side in the little blue bag. How sweet to see them on the wall and in the shop too. You were very brave, I think only a fellow blogger would realize you weren't nuts at all.
    Love the video too! It was the bit that made me cry.
    Thank you so much for allowing me to join you in with this project. It was the best fun EVER!
    Take care,
    PS Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Loved following your journey to York and the scarf handover.
    Lucy xx

  4. Hello!
    great post! All bloggers make a crazy fuss over things and need to photograph everything don't they? ha ha that other lady obviously didn't have a blog!
    I heard your voice in the vid but no picture was there, then I scrolled down and found the video at the bottom of the page, oh thats my laptop for you!!! How fun to HEAR you!
    Have a lovely lovely birthday week!!!!! Spoil yourself and eat cake for me too!


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